How to plan for a Wood Range Hood

A Wood Range Hood is a great addition to any kitchen and makes distinctly different statement from the Stainless Steel Range Hood or other types of Range Hoods. Planning for and buying a Wood Range Hood is easy when you understand the basic components and how these work together. This article will help make the planning and purchasing of your wood range hood simple and straightforward.

Most Important…Choosing the Correct Range Hood Insert or Range Hood Liner

When planning for and using a Wood Range Hood you will need a Range Hood Insert or Range Hood Liner. These are the common terms used to describe the assembly which will house the Range Hood Blower or the Range Hood Fan and the Lights. This will also be where you will have the Range Hood Controls in most cases. It is best to select your Range Hood Insert or Range Hood Liner before you finalize the exact shape and size of your Wood Range Hood. In almost every case, if you buy a pre-made or commercially available Wood Range Hood these will be sized to fit certain Range Hood Insert models.

If you choose to have a Custom Designed Wood Range Hood, these are generally made by the cabinet shop or you can make one yourself. They are not as difficult as they might seem at first. The most important consideration is the size and shape of the Wood Range Hood and the Size and Shape of the Range Hood Insert. Once the rough opening of the Range Hood Insert is known check for clearance on the sides. This is where we most often see customers with problems. They will have a wall hood with a steep slope on the sides of the Range Hood that interferes with most insert models. The opening is fine, but when the customer tries to put the Range Hood Insert into the Wood Range Hood, the insert hits the sides because of the side wall slope. So watch for this.

Example of an incorrectly plan range hood construction.

You can see the the flaw in this range hood’s design: it wasn’t planned to accommodate the corners.

With a little research and planning you can have a beautiful and functional Custom Wood Range Hood that you will enjoy for years to come.

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