Find A Stud Without a Stud Finder

How to Find A Stud in Your Wall Without a Stud Finder



Hi folks Iím Mark with ProLine Range Hoods and one of the questions we get asked a lot
is do I need to anchor my range hood to a stud and the studs don’t line up with the
holes. Thats a regular occurrence and you do need anchor your range hood to a stud so
I’m going to show you today how to find a stud because itís an important part of installing
really anything that needs to be supported so your going to get some shelving from
Ikea or something that needs to be hung from a wall Home Depot, your going to need to
find a stud. So there are some basic principles to understand, Now here on this wall you can
see that we have an outlet. Now normally an outlet is on a stud is right next to an outlet
so thats an easy occasion. Now the next thing that is important to note is in the
United States most framing in houses is on sixteen inch centers. Now occasionally we’ll
run into some older homes framed on twenty four inch centers framed with lack an plaster,
things like that but generally, sixteen inch centers. So if my stud started on the outside
of the outlet then the next center of my stud would be right here. Now if it were on the
other side of the outlet, the stud might be right here.In this environment where this
is a single layer of sheetrock over a wood stud where you knock on the sheetrock, it
is going to sound solid where the stud is. Where there is no stud, it will sound hollow,
kind of like a drum. So, if I knock over here, here thatÖhollow. As I come here, here thatÖsolid.
And back to hollow. So itís right there, thatís right where itís at. Letís just
go ahead and put it right here. Now hereís one of the tricks, I barely missed it because
I could feel the drill bit, I could feel the screw go sideways, so Iím a little to the
left of it. I didnít hit it but if I use that same hole and I go this way , I know
itís right there. As we drive this screw in, you could feel how hard that is. You know
thatís the stud so compared to when we drilled it this way, it goes all the way in and it
will spin so we know we found the stud, weíre right on the side of the stud. That is right
on the center, now the nice thing about knowing that is now you have a pretty good idea on
where the rest of your studs are so weíll measure over sixteen inches so your center
will be right there and so now I can firmly attach my range hood. Well, thatís how you
do it. Thanks for watching and have a great day! If you have any questions just look on
our website or call our 800 number.







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