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Our Guarantee

At Proline Range Hoods we offer a no hassle 100% money back guarantee on all range hood purchases.

First Thing to Do After Receiving Your Hood

When you first receive your range hood, you will need to inspect it carefully for damage during shipping. This video explains in full detail what to look for.

Installation Videos

PLJW 129 Models

PLFW 115/116 Models

PLFW 520 Models

PLVW 543/544 Models

PLZW Models

PLZI Models

PLFI 520 Models

ProV Models

PLVI Models

PLFW 543 Models

PLFW 544 Models

PLSI 440 Models

PLSI 570 Models

PLFI 544 Models

PLFW 520 Models

Hook Up Blowers to ProV Hoods

Wire a Variable Speed Blower

Proline PLJW 185 Under Cabinet Model

Proline PLJW 130 Wall Mount Model

Proline PLJW 120 Wall Mount Model

Proline PLJI 102 Island Mount Model

Proline PLJFW 520 Wall Mount Model

Proline ProV Wall Mount Model

Proline PLFW 544 Wall Mount Model

Proline PLJW Under Cabinet Model

Operating your Range Hood

PLFW 115/116 Models

PLJW 101 Models

PLJW 109 Models

ProV Models

Maintaining your Range Hood

How to Replace a Range Hood Control Panel

How to Remove Scratches from Your Range Hood

How to Clean Stainless Steel Range Hoods

How to Disassemble your Range Hood

How to Clean Baffle Filters and Range Hood Fans

How to Change the Charcoal Filters on a Ductless Hood

How to Replace Your Range Hood Lightbulbs

Other Range Hood Videos

Resizing a Stainless Steel Chimney

How to Find a Stud Without a Stud Finder

Overview of Our ProV Range Hood Package

Remote Blower Versus Local Blower

How to Install a Weight-Bearing Ceiling Support

How to Make Your Own 10 Inch Ventilation Duct

How to Install a Vex Air Inline Blower