Recirculating kit 42 inches

SKU: RecircKit.42


This recirculating kit is compatible with seven of our most popular wall or under cabinet range hoods. Here’s the complete list.

  • PLJW 101
  • PLJW 102
  • PLJW 108
  • PLJW 109
  • PLJW 113
  • PLJW 120
  • PLJW 121

Most ductless range hoods are 30” and 36” wide, but we offer a wide selection of 42” range hoods that you can convert to ductless. Each hood on this list comes as a ducted hood. But, when you install your recirculating kit, the hood will recirculate your kitchen air. No ductwork necessary!

If you live in an apartment or condo – or own a 42” electric stove – this recirculating kit is for you. Purchase yours today!