Recirculating kit 48 inches

SKU: RecircKit.48


The 48” recirculating kit is the largest kit we offer at Proline Range Hoods. It can be installed with seven of our wall or under cabinet range hoods:

  • PLJW 101
  • PLJW 102
  • PLJW 108
  • PLJW 109
  • PLJW 113
  • PLJW 120
  • PLJW 121

A recirculating kit attaches to the top of your range hood. It recirculates your kitchen air back into your home, rather than moving it through ductwork. This makes a 48” ductless hood a cost-effective option for your kitchen. No need to pay for a contractor to install ductwork in your home! The kit is easy to install, too.

Try your very own recirculating kit from Proline Range Hoods today.


Product Specifications

SKU: RecircKit.48
Final Assembly & Inspection in the U.S.