Material choice is critical, with 304 stainless steel being the preferred option due to its excellent resistance to heat and weather conditions, ensuring your range hood remains functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

A Proline Exclusive We are the only brand that builds our products in 304 Weather Resistant Stainless Steel


430 Vs 304 Stainless Steel: Everything You Need To Know

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Frequent questions about outdoor range hoods

What is the maximum height for an outdoor range hood?

The maximum height for an outdoor range hood is 42”. Mount your outdoor hood between 36” and 42” above the cooktop. This ensures that it does not get damaged from the intense heat of your grill. It’s also close enough to the cooktop to capture the most cooking exhaust.

Do I need a vent hood for an outdoor kitchen?

Yes, especially if you do heavy grilling or frying. An outdoor vent hood will suck all the smoke and cooking exhaust from your grill out of your outdoor cooking area. This makes cooking more comfortable for you – not to mention it’s also pleasant for your guests.

For more information about choosing a vent hood for your outdoor kitchen, check out this article.

What are the best outdoor range hoods to buy?

Here are three of the best outdoor range hoods:

This list features two wall hoods and one island hood, all rated at 1200+ CFM. Shop for a 1200+ CFM outdoor range hood to keep your outdoor space clean and fresh.

What types of outdoor range hoods are there?

The most popular types of outdoor range hoods include wall hoods and island hoods. These hoods move up to 2000 CFM of air. Most outdoor hoods are also 42” and larger to cover your cooktop completely.